Snow Plow and Winter Driving Tips

Road Department

November 1, 2022
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Drivers are advised to employ the following safety tips:

  • Give plow truck drivers space to do their job. – Do not pass or go between trucks plowing snow in a line. Follow six car lengths behind an operating plow. Remember the best driving conditions are behind the plow truck.
  • Turn on your vehicle’s headlights. – State law requires motorists to turn on their headlights when wipers are being used.
  • Allow for extra time. – Weather and road conditions can change quickly. Be prepared to drive slowly and increase following distances when necessary. Share your driving plans with friends and family.
  • Carry a phone but don’t use it while driving. – Put all your attention on driving, but keep the phone close in case of an emergency.
  • Clear ice and snow from vehicles. – Snow and ice falling from a vehicle can be a hazard to other drivers. If snow or ice falls from a vehicle and strikes another causing a crash or injury, the driver can be held liable and cited.
  • Have an emergency kit in your vehicle. – Emergency packs should include flashlights, jumper cables, first aid supplies, matches, bottled water and snacks, extra warm clothing and gloves, radio, ice scrappers and snow shovels.
  • Get your vehicle ready. – Check fluid and gas levels. Make sure wiper blades, tires, lights, heaters and defrosters are in good working condition.

See attached file for Winter Road Maintenance.

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