Tamarack Lake Update – MEETING ON 2-6-2019

Posted on February 9, 2019

Update as of February 6, 2019 on Tamarack Lake is that the PA Fish and Boat Commission received the permits for construction from the DEP Division of Dam Safety on June 2nd, 2017.  The project moved through the final stages of the DGS pre-construction process to clear, accept proposals and award the project for construction.  NRCS and City of Meadville agreements were finalized.  Thomas Construction of Grove City, PA was awarded the project and construction meetings have taken place with CONSTRUCTION THAT BEGAN IN LATE NOVEMBER OF 2017.  Estimated time line includes a completion date for construction is expected to be delayed until MID SPRING of 2019.  Refilling of the lake will begin in 2019 and take some time as milestones will have to be met.  Final landscaping and grass work will not be completed UNTIL SPRING-SUMMER of 2019.

A MEETING WAS HELD ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2019 FROM 5:30PM TO 7:00PM AT THE WEST MEAD TOWNSHIP BUILDING EXPLAINING THE COMPLETION TIME FRAME AND THE REFILLING OF THE LAKE.  CLICK HERE FOR THE SEMINAR INFORMATION AVAILABLE HERE AT Tamarack Seminar-2019. THE MEETING WAS TAPED AND WILL BE SHOWN BY ARMSTRONG CABLE ON CHANNEL 23 AND 100 AT VARIOUS TIMES.  It is also available on youtube at the following link : https://youtu.be/fO2grew9qFo.  THE MEADVILLE TRIBUNE ALSO DID A STORY THAT WAS IN THE NEWSPAPER.  It is available at the following link: https://www.meadvilletribune.com/news/tamarack-lake-seminar-sheds-light-on-reservoir-s-progress/article_2ff1a142-2b35-11e9-9601-073dca07fce1.html

As both Tamarack Lake Dam areas are still considered a construction site, please remember no one is permitted to be on site other than Thomas Construction employees and subcontractors.  The property is not available to the general public.  Please remember to slow down when traveling in the area and to keep a safe distance from the construction site, as there will be slow moving, big construction equipment and lots of large trucks hauling materials in and around the area.



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