2024 Tree Trimming in West Mead on Thurston Road

Posted on February 2, 2024

The West Mead Township Road Department will be doing winter tree trimming in the Township on Thurston Road.  They will be working on this project as fill in work whenever they can, so it may take some time.  They are trying to daylight the roadways.  This project is being done in conjunction with an  agility work plan in place with PennDOT as Thurston Road is a state roadway.

Please remember to be patient and respectful of all flaggers and equipment operators when in any construction zone.  You should expect delays and road closures in the area.  All work is weather dependent.  Contact PennDOT at 814-332-6880 or the Township at 814-336-1271 or westmead@westmead.org for additional information.



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