Park Facilities & Locations

West Mead Township has three parks which include Oak Grove Park, Autumn Hills Park and Green Mountain Park.

Oak Grove Park is the largest Township park with over 28 acres of open space, ballfields, picnic pavilions and playground equipment located on 10902 Oak Grove Avenue almost to the DeVore Road intersection near Tamarack Lake. We are currently working on restrooms and playground grants as detailed in our Oak Grove Park Master Site Plan completed in 2016.

This park was originally known as Oakwood Park at the turn of the century with a large lake, canoe rentals, dancing pavilion, outdoor movies and trolley service from Meadville until its end in the 1940’s.  Click here for a historical article written about Oakwood Park.  This park was developed around Ponce de Leon Mineral Springs which can still be found on Springs Road by looking for the Spring House Brick Building and Dedication Marker.

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Autumn Hills Park is a smaller local community park with open space and basketball court located behind Golden Drive in the Autumn Hills Subdivision Development.

Green Mountain Park is the smallest park with open space, basketball court and playground equipment located behind Green Mountain Street.


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